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What Is The Best Screen Protector?

What Type of Cell Phone Screen Protector is Best?

There are several different types of cell phone screen protectors to choose from.  Anti reflective type film works by canceling the ultraviolet light and provides protection from the potentially harmful UV rays.  This type makes all electronic devices easier to read whether you are indoors or outdoors.  The colors will seem to be much clearer and the text sharper as the glare is removed from your viewing area.  Some cut down on reflectivity as well as glare.  This would be the type that helps to protect your eyes from UV rays.

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In recent news stories it has been reported that there are perhaps more bacteria on computers, cell phones, and pda’s than in the bathroom of a typical home.  There are screen protectors available for purchase that contain an antimicrobial coating material.  Schools, libraries, stores with point of sale computers, and busy offices where multiple users handle electronic equipment could benefit from this specific feature.  Protectors make it much easier to wipe any fingerprints off of the screen, making for a cleaner and healthier working or viewing environment.

Screen protectors come in a variety of sizes that will fit your particular device to the exact dimensions.  You can order your protectors to fit whatever device you’d like to protect.  Just specify the item, the brand, and the model and you’re all set. Many companies offer custom cut, ready made protectors.  Cell phone screen protectors very simple to install.  Just press the protector firmly over the screen.  You won’t even know it’s there.

An alternative is known as a universal screen protector.  This type can be bought by the sheet.  The sheets are, like the pre-cut versions, made of a clear plastic material that you can cut to fit whatever you wish to protect.  These do-it-yourself sheets are just as effective in protecting any device, and are usually less expensive.    They are less convenient than pre-cut protectors, though, so you’ll have to decide whether you’d like value or convenience.  You may prefer the universal protectors, as you may have several devices and can cut them from the larger sheets, making this a more cost-effective way to protect all of your equipment with one package of protective sheets. They can also be bought in quantity so that when your protector becomes scratched or cloudy, you simply cut another and replace it without having to order more or make a trip to the store.  Though the custom fit protectors are the best option, these generic sheets will do an adequate job but the quality is far worse than the cell phone screen protectors provided by Zagg, which are the best for value for your money.

If you own a device that you will be writing on with a pseudo pencil, there are a few more considerations.  There is a divided jury out on whether or not to use a screen protector in that case.  Some users are not willing to compromise the feel of the hard plastic stylus or nib against a smooth and glassy screen.  It is important to consider the type of protector, then, if you choose to use one.  A matte finish type might suit you. That is the closest feel to actual pen and paper writing that you can achieve while using a protector. Otherwise it can be too slick or too binding when you write.

Protecting the screens of all electronic equipment can be accomplished with so little effort and expense that it really is worthwhile looking into.  Cell phone screen protectors can be ordered online through

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