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How to Get the Bubbles Out of a Screen Protector

get air bubbles out from screen protectorWhen it comes to cell phones there is almost nothing more annoying (and ugly to look at) than air bubbles, so it pays to know how to get the bubbles of out a screen protector. There are at least three different ways to combat this problem; let’s briefly go over each of these three methods.

Video: Getting the Air Bubbles Out

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Rubbing Alcohol

Not only is rubbing alcohol great for cleaning cell phones and smart phones, but it can also help with those unsightly bubbles. Here is how you do it:

  1. Remove phone from case/protector
  2. Wipe screen with an alcohol pad
  3. Replace screen protector and put phone in case

This should eliminate almost all of the bubbles. Some of the very tiny ones may remain, though.

Professional Help

The mall kiosks are full of cell phone gadget stores, and the employees are usually paid on commission so if you buy a new screen the employee may help you with the installation. Although these people work with phones all day there is still no guarantee that regular screen protectors will be bubble-free.

Getting the Right Screen Protector

Some screen protectors were designed with these bubbles in mind, and engineers were able to develop screens that do not allow bubbles to form. The Zagg Invisible Screen is one example. Out of tens of thousands of installations, Zagg employees have not reported one single instance of bubbles in between a protector and a screen.

The InvisibleShield by Zagg is made to prevent bubbles from ever forming in the middle area between phone and case. When installed by Zagg technicians at a Zagg store or kiosk these protectors are guaranteed to be bubble-free. The best part is that these screens are inexpensive and they are even less noticable than regular screens. If you are having problems with bubbles, now you know how to get the bubbles of out a screen protector AND how to never get them in the first place.

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